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The Leader in Liquid Cooling for Mission Critical Infrastructure 

Active Rear Door Cooling using Two-Phase Pumped Refrigerant



Carbon Footprint: Up to 90%

Energy Usage: Up to 90%

Floor Space: Up to 60%

Noise Levels: Down to 53 dBa

Operating Costs: Up to 60%



Need to Cool Entire Room

Return Air Plenums

Hot Spots

Need for Raised Floor



Energy Rebates: Up to 30%

Rack Densities: Grow from Low to High Density

Cooling Efficiency with Superior Heat Capture

In-Rack Redundancy: Up to N+2

The OptiCool® Solution
Increase Capacity with a Smaller Footprint, Scalable Cooling for Multi-Density Racks, Design Modularity for Superior Redundancy and Flexibility, Reclaim Valuable Floor and Overhead Space, Reduce Expansion and Upgrade Costs, Increase Cooling Efficiency to Decrease Power Usage Effectiveness

Revolutionizing Data Center Design

That is a bold statement.  It is necessary to describe what OptiCool® can deliver.  We revolutionize data center design by eliminating the complexity of airflow management. 

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The OptiCool® Solution

OptiCool® system uses R134a, a non-conductive, non-corrosive refrigerant. R134a has superb thermodynamic properties, which make it an ideal medium for moving heat. For a given volume, water can absorb 3,400 times more heat than air.

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