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The Only Logical Cooling Solution For Remote Data Centers


“Although small in size, remote centers are a big deal. The same can be said for OptiCool. They’re the only cooling solution that can maximize floor space and equipment life while saving us nearly 50% in energy costs.” -Director of Technology Integration, Northeast Hospital System

Having trouble cooling IT closets?


Limited floor and overhead space?


N+2 in-rack redundancy requirements?


Putting data in close proximity to the end-user is essential for new technologies like autonomous vehicles and distributed AI. Remote IT closets resolve the latency challenges of new technologies – OptiCool’s simplicity, space savings, and reliability resolve the cooling challenges of confined, remote data centers.


Required Floor Space up to 60%



In-Rack redundancy 10kW up to N+2



Energy Usage by up to 90%


The Cooling Solution That
Pays You Back

Opticool Technologies innovative solutions provide true return on investment.
Complete payback of your investment is typically realized in just 3 years or less.
OptiCool is transforming data center cooling with unprecedented simplicity, performance and energy efficiency.


Conventional Air Flow Cooling is complex, costly and inefficient:

  • Raised floor and ceiling air plenums are necessary for proper circulation

  • The entire data center requires constant cooling

  • Up to 60% more floor space is required

  • Continuous room humidification and dehumidification is a necessity

  • Large fans, filters, belts, and H20 pans demand frequent maintenance.

  • Hot spots are a persistent problem



The OptiCool®  Solution is simple, cost-effective and highly efficient:

  • Raised floor and ceiling air plenums are eliminated

  • Removes heat from the source — no need to cool the entire room

  • Increase capacity while decreasing cooling footprint

  • Operating expenses are dramatically reduced

  • Maintenance costs are nearly eliminated

  • Designed to be scalable and modular for future growth


Ready to take a quantum leap forward in data center design and cooling?

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