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Who We Are


OptiCool® Technologies is a leading provider of innovative data center cooling solutions.

We specialize in refrigerant-based, close-coupled cooling solutions designed to support a wide variety of data center applications, ranging from low-density to high-density.

We deliver practical solutions that can adapt to any environment and support both existing facility upgrades and new construction.

The OptiCool® data center cooling solution supports a range of cooling requirements, spanning from low to high-density, whether in a raised floor or non-raised floor environment.

We design, develop, manufacture, market and support our award-winning OptiCool® data center cooling solution from our company headquarters located in Webster, New York.




Our mission is to be the leading provider of refrigerant-based precision cooling solutions for data center and related applications. 


We accomplish our mission by providing innovative solutions and always exceeding our customer’s expectations.


We advocate corporate responsibility for global sustainability and strive to maximize energy efficiency and resulting cost benefits for our customers.

The Need for Change

Conventional data center cooling strategies rely on outdated technology from 30 years ago. We challenge the notion that sticking to this conventional path allows for rapid progress and innovation. With escalating energy expenses and growing heat output from computing equipment, we believe that a “slow but steady” approach is inadequate. Instead, we provide a quantum leap in both capacity and energy efficiency. The data center cooling industry must take a monumental step forward, and OptiCool® Technologies is assisting customers in achieving significant enhancements in capacity, energy efficiency, and space utilization.

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We Revolutionize Data Center Design

We’re not afraid to make bold claims, but we believe in backing them up with real innovation. OptiCool® is a game-changer in data center design because we remove the complexity of airflow management. An entire industry has emerged, with software firms, consultants, and engineers dedicated to optimizing airflow management. The crucial question is, why invest resources in constantly planning for cooling supply to meet cooling demand? Ideally, the answer should be to deliver high capacity, low energy consumption, and a reasonable capital cost. This approach leads to the elimination of airflow management complexities.


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The Future of Data Center Design

At OptiCool® Technologies, we’re dedicated to comprehending the present challenges our customers encounter and innovatively addressing them. Our commitment to revolutionizing data center design results in a significant boost in cooling capacity and energy efficiency, all while reducing space demands. Our specialization in refrigerant-based electronics cooling positions us firmly in the future – we don’t juggle legacy product lines to maintain market share while innovating for tomorrow. As the saying goes, “the best way to predict the future is to create it,” and we empower our customers to bring this future to life every day. We cordially invite you to be part of this revolution.

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