The Solution

The Life Blood of the OptiCool Solution

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The Next Generation In Data Center Cooling

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The Solution

At its core, effective computer equipment cooling in a data center revolves around the efficient transfer of heat energy. While various data centers rely on air or water, the OptiCool® system stands out by harnessing R134a, a non-toxic synthetic refrigerant.


R134a Refrigerant

R134a boasts exceptional thermodynamic properties, rendering it an optimal medium for heat transfer. To put it into perspective, within the same volume, water can absorb a staggering 3,400 times more heat than air. Remarkably, R134a surpasses even water, with the ability to absorb nine times more heat, establishing itself as the lifeblood of OptiCool®’s innovative cooling solution.

Refrigerant Delivery Network (RDN)

The RDN is composed of refrigerant-grade copper piping, factory-built refrigerant distribution segments, and flexible stainless-steel hose pairs. Self-sealing quick-connect couplers join the Active Heat eXtractors (AHX) cooling units with the supply and return lines. The quick-connect feature allows for modularity, flexibility, and reduced on-site installation times.


Refrigerant Pump Systems (RPS)

The RPS circulates refrigerant to the Active Heat Extractors. The pump includes a chilled-water heat exchanger to remove heat from the refrigerant. When chilled water is not available, we use outdoor condensers to reject heat. Virgin R-134a refrigerant is circulated at low pressure with no compression so no oils are used. Refrigerant temperature is strictly maintained to prevent condensation. There are multiple pump models to support various power input arrangements and outdoor environmental conditions.


Cool Door System (CDS)

The CDS offers a unique modular mounting system that can accommodate up to 3 AHX units per door. The CDS is mounted on the back of the cabinet and removes heat from the exhaust air. The doors are designed to allow full and convenient access to IT equipment. The CDS is lightweight and available in standard cabinet sizes. In addition, many cabinet manufacturers offer “OptiCool® Ready” products that use existing mounting points.

For retrofits, OptiCool®’s door transition kits provide convenient and seamless integration of the Cool Door System on to all major manufacturer’s cabinets.  Doors can be configured to handle heat removal from 3kW up to 30kW per rack.


Cool Row System (CRS)

For Horizontal Heat Capture Applications

Use CRS for Horizontal Cooling Applications such as UPS, Cabinet Top Exhaust, Mechanical Rooms, and Hot Aisle Requiring Heat Capture.


  • 24” or 30” Plenum Width
  • Supports 2 or 3 AHX
  • Top or Bottom Inlet
  • Top of Cabinet or Ceiling mount
  • Single or Dual Power

A Comprehensive Solution

At OptiCool®, we don’t just offer cutting-edge cooling components; we’re here to deliver a complete solution. Exceptional service and support are at the heart of our mission. Our dedicated team is unwavering in its commitment to achieving the highest levels of customer success and satisfaction

Join us in shaping the future of data center cooling. Reach out to OptiCool® today to request your no-cost Data Center Energy Assessment, which includes a comparative ROI analysis. Discover how you can potentially reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 90%! View our cut sheets here.

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